It’s a long weekend, and you’re not allowed to go and visit friends, and all the pubs and bars are shut. It’s not fair! But it’s also not forever. You should still be able to enjoy your favourite cocktails in style! So to help you get through this Easter Long Weekend at home, we’ve put together this list of at home cocktail tips to turn you into the best home mixologist you can be.

Chill your glass

Before you start assembling your cocktail, it’s important to make sure you’re not going to dump all your hard work into a room temperature or (God forbid!) warm glass straight out of the dishwasher. This simple step will really elevate your cocktail experience. Just fill the glass with ice before you start mixing in your shaker, and then tip the ice out before your pour in the cocktail. Frosty!

Try something new!

You’ve probably had enough of boring old wine and beer during social distancing (just kidding, I never get bored of wine and beer.) But to keep things interesting, it’s fun to try out making some new cocktails you’ve never tried at home before. This weekend only, we’re doing FREE Tia Maria and Suntory Boss Coffee with every vodka purchase, and guess what? Those are all the ingredients you need to make a fancy-as-hell espresso martini at home!

Improvise your equipment

At cocktail bars you see the fancy shakers, strainers and muddlers. If that makes you think you can’t do it at home, think again! You just need to get creative. You can use a protein shake cup or a jar to shake your cocktails, a rolling pin for a muddler and a tea strainer to strain. Hey presto – you’re a mixologist.

Make the most out of your pantry

You can go wild with the ingredients in your pantry to make some pretty fancy cocktails. Wants a berry margarita? Throw some berry jam in there! Wanting to spice things up? Use some weird hot sauce or jalapenos in your daiquiri. Dust off your spice rack and start incorporating cinnamon or ginger into your martinis. Can’t hurt, right?

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