It seems like forever and no time all at once. Somehow we find ourselves more than two months into the uncertainty of COVID-19, with all the huge changes to our daily lives, the economy and the world, kind of getting used to a new normal. Yet still, every day brings changes from the government, so much so that making predictions or getting your hopes up about things seems futile! We thought it would be a good idea for us to update you on how things are going on the Jimmy Brings front since COVID hit!

Just like every other business, we weren’t sure what to expect as the lock down started to kick in. But we are so happy that we were able to stay open throughout the worst of the lockdown and continue to deliver people their drinks when they weren’t able to leave the house. We did see some issues with supply chains being interrupted and sometimes the increased volume of orders meant that we weren’t as fast as we usually are. We’re proud to announce that we have kept our national delivery time average at 28 minutes throughout this time, which is a huge testament to our amazing team of operations staff and delivery drivers. We also want to extend a massive thank you to our incredible customers who showed extra patience with us as we were navigating the situation in the beginning – we really appreciate it!

As for our staff – what an incredible team we’ve got! We took on over 100 new drivers around the country. It was a mammoth effort to onboard new team members as quickly as possible, and we were so happy to be able to offer work when times were tough for so many. We have been providing personal protective equipment to our drivers wherever possible, as well as offering compensation when they are able to source their own. Most of our office staff have been working from home, although we’re slowly and cautiously transitioning back to the office.

Restrictions as of now seem to be lifting so that people can have guests around (although be sure to check what your local regulations are!) We have great wine bundles and cocktail packs that are perfect for celebrating your first dinner party with friends and family! We’ve also had many people taking advantage of our Work From Home Team Drinks offering, where you can purchase vouchers for your staff, and they get to choose what drinks they want, and manage their own 30 minute delivery, which makes it super easy for all involved.

You might have also seen that we’ve recently launched our content series partnering with Sophie Monk. It was challenging to film it under lockdown laws but we’re so happy with how it turned out. It’s our first ever TV campaign, and we’re thrilled that more people are going to learn about Jimmy Brings so we can help them get their drinks fast.

Thank you to our community for your support over the last few months. We hope we’ve been able to make your lives a little easier, and help you celebrate the little things where you can!

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