In 2018, staying in has become more popular. This observation is largely anecdotal, but with recent fixations on wellness and self care developing, more people seem to be swapping bars for couches and nightclubs for potluck parties. No facts, figures or supporting material—but staying in is good, fine and fun, okay? 

So let’s talk about dinner parties—one of few activities that allows you to socialise without leaving the house. 

The flipside is, hosting a dinner party is hard work—there’s picky eaters, picky drinkers and not burning down your kitchen to contend with. Furthermore: What even does al dente mean?!

Because Jimmy is a selfless guy, he did you a solid and gathered the top 4 hacks for hosting a successful food-based gathering. Come on in. Can we take your coat?

1.Bully Gently coax guests into sticking with one glass all night  

Wine glasses with name tags for dinner parties and weddings
Via Iaroslava Petrenko

…by using simple labels for wine glasses. The benefits are twofold: you’ve personalised the whole affair for your guests, and trimmed cleaning time for yourself. Genius.

2.Halve a bunch of limes and stick them in the freezer

…thus erasing the need for actual ice when it comes to vodka, tequila and gin based drinks.

3. Arrange a serve-yourself tray for the spirit-swilling guests
…and chill bottles of tonic and soda. More time for you to catch up with so-and-so about her cousin’s friend’s new job.    

4. Make it a pot luck

how to host a dinner party at home with wine and friends

Delegating isn’t just for the workplace! Tick off salad and vegetable dishes, meat dishes, pastas or risottos, breads and desserts. Make sure your fussy and allergic friends are catered for, allocate yourself the easy dish and kick back and wait for Jimmy and your guests.

5. Make the guests wash up


Hosting dinner parties at homeKidding. That would be rude.

Just wait for someone to offer, and graciously accept.

Thank them for the favour by making sure you have enough wine to sustain them—we recommend having Jimmy bring you a 4 pack of Luscious Reds and/or Crisp Whites — each bundle saves you over 30 bucks.

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