Espresso Martini by Jimmy Brings and First Press

What’s brown and looks like dirt but is much more useful than dirt?!

Yep, it’s coffee. But muddled with a little vodka, the substance takes on a whole new meaning: the venerable Espresso Martini.

Do you have time for a quick story? Here goes. The Espresso Martini was originally names the Vodka Espresso by Dick Bradsell in 1983. The magic happened at the Soho Brasserie in London when a customer requested a drink to “wake her up, and f#$k her up.” We daresay this decadent bevvy did the job.

As part of an energising collab with our mates First Press—Sydney messiahs of Cold Drip—we give you an Espresso Martini recipe with a healthy summer twist. Best part? For a limited time, we’re giving you 2 x 100ml kickers of their cold drip coffee FREE with any Jimmy Brings vodka (Absolut, Belvedere, Ruskov) purchase until October 1 which is, coincidentally, INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY ☕. These compact cuties are sugar free and additive free, but not fun-free, being that they’re a double-shot. You giddy? Us too.

So here’s that recipe—hypothetically, the two kickers you score with any vodka purchase will make an Espresso Martini each for you and four friends.



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