Here at Jimmy Brings, we love makin’ love! And we love doing it in style; in a way that’s good for the planet, and good for everyone! That’s why we’ve partnered with Jonny Condoms. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make good decisions – and what could be better than beautifully designed, sustainable condoms delivered in 30 minutes?

We sat down with the founders of Jonny Condoms to see what their thoughts were about not losing momentum during your passionate moments, and why the partnership of Jimmy and Jonny makes so much sense!

Who should be responsible for buying condoms?
Anyone who is down to do the ‘no pants dance’. Be you female, be you male, be you gender fluid, we are all responsible for buying and using condoms.
When do most people think about needing a condom?
Ha! We wish earlier than the stat’s currently suggest they do!
STI’s are on a rise…at a rapid rate!  So this suggests that many of us don’t think about needing condoms early enough perhaps.
This is why the Jonny & Jimmy partnership is perfect!  If you do happen to ‘forget’ to bring Jonny along for the ride, then at least Jimmy can help you out, along with some extra refreshments 😉
What makes you excited about Jonny Condoms being available for delivery within 30 minutes?

The 30 minute delivery is so exciting! At least this provides a little more time for the playtime without losing the heat of the moment…
What could people do in the 30 minutes they’re waiting for their Jonny condoms to arrive?
Oh where to begin! Think we leave this one to your imagination…
Are Jonny condoms different to condoms you can buy at the pharmacy/supermarket/servo?
Way cooler for a start ☺
But seriously, they are super thin, double washed (no rubber smell), no nasty toxins, come in understated green or pink wrappers, with a FabLittleBag made from biodegradable materials to dispose
What do I need the FabLittleBag for?
So you don’t, definitely don’t, do the loo disposal once Jonny has fulfilled its purpose.  This is so bad for our waterways and marine life. Protect Mother Nature & be a lover not a flusher.
And rather than doing the tissue/loo paper wrap and throwing it in the bin, you can be oh-so-dignified and put the used Jonny in the bag, seal it (it won’t fall out we promise) and throw it in the bin, all the while knowing that the bag will break down in landfill within 12 months.
Why was it important to you to create a more sustainable alternative to mainstream condoms?
Creating a sustainable option was incredibly important to us right from the very start of creating Jonny.  We are all personally passionate about mindful consumption and reducing waste so it was very natural for this to be an absolute must in our product development.  Latex alone takes a long time to breakdown (but its better for your body) so we were keen to ensure every other part of the Jonny offer had a sustainable/enviro friendly consideration. So from FabLittleBag to PEFC certified stock in our packaging; to recycled mailers for our online deliveries, to re-using cartons where possible when sending out large orders.  It’s really a natural way of being, right?!

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