Jimmy Brings and Moet Chandon Imperial.

There are many good things about Melbourne Cup race day, even if you don’t care for horse racing. The primary draw is obviously skipping work early to sip beverages—or having the day off entirely if you live in Melbourne. And in case you’re pressed for time (we feel you), here are four things you can ALSO: First time app users can enter code GETAPPY at checkout for $10 off their first purchase—download here

  1. Get the Tasting Platter Right

Jimmy Brings and Moet Chandon Imperial.

First things first is obviously CHEESE. You want a good cross-section of these, but at the very least, one soft, like a Camembert or Brie, and one hard and slightly sharp, like a Pecorino. Consider throwing a blue into the mix if there are more than 5 people involved. Also:
— Include a little cured meat, like spicy salami. Also, think of the vegetarians with olives, artichokes, grilled eggplant or all of the above.
— Those really thin wafer crackers are great, as are crunchy rice crackers for any gluten-avoiding folk. Extra healthy party planners will include carrot and cucumber sticks with hommus.
— Add grapes. They feel luxurious.
— Throw onto a tray or some kind of board (very trendy) and assemble in a vaguely organised manner.

2. Serve Good Champagne

Melbourne Cup party with Jimmy Brings.

…for this is a celebration! (A celebration of friendship and togetherness, if not fascinators and horse racing). We recommend Moët & Chandon Impérial, the champagne we’ve stocked on Jimmy Brings since the beginning of time. As Moët themselves say, “this Champagne is a perfectly executed blend of over 200 crus, mingling the full body of pinot noir with the suppleness of meunier and the finesse of chardonnay. The very incarnation of balance in Champagne for over 150 years.

Don’t know exactly what that means? Neither do we. But we know it tastes really good. And you deserve to drink really good champagne every once in awhile (especially in the daytime).

3. Run a Sweep if You’re Not Betting People

Moet and Chandon and Jimmy Brings present Melbourne Cup

Skip the whole TAB thing and instead, throw the horses’ names into a box/hat/some kind of vessel. Everyone draws names at random after contributing an “entry fee” of a dollar or two. Democratic parties will divide the takings to reward first, second and third, whilst more greedy groups will opt for the ‘winner takes all’ avenue.

4. Have the Drinks Delivered in 30 or Less

Moet & Chandon and Jimmy Brings bring you the Melbourne Cup

Okay, you probably saw this coming—but 30-minute wine, beer and spirits delivery is what we do; a convenience that’s frankly perfect for an occasion such as this (who can be bothered carrying bottles on bottles from liquor shop to car?)! Besides, after those initial few glasses of primo champagne, you and the gang might want to switch to something different. Have you browsed our menu?


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