Beer and food pairings: what do you know about them?

It’s likely you’re all over the obvious stuff, like not serving a thick heady Stout with delicate white fish. Or that beer generally tastes good with pizza. Let’s go a little deeper.

As with wines, you can get pretty granular with specific beers and their optimum meal matches (is there an app out there for this? Cc: the makers of Tinder). But in regular Jimmy fashion, we’ll be keeping this as unpretentious as possible. Here are three quality, enduring beers and some tasty stuff they work well with.

Coopers Pale Ale

Beer pairings Jimmy Brings

Pale ales like Coopers are typically brewed with mostly pale malts for a more equal malt-to-hop ratio.

So let’s talk about its flavour profile. This classic thirst quencher has a recognisable pale malt character, unfurling subtle floral and grassy notes from the hops and some milder undertones of yeast and woodiness. So what’s a person to do with all these earthy, organic flavours? Complement them with a fresh, bitter salad, actually. Or a chicken dish with a nutty flavour.

Works well with: papaya salad, chicken cashew nut, Waldorf salad.


Jimmy Brings beer and sashimi.
This versatile drop matches a lot of stuff, if we’re honest with you. Asahi is brewed using quality cultured yeast, malt, hops, maize and rice, with the brand attesting that Asahi Super Dry has a “delicate, yet rich, full-flavoured body with a refreshing dry aftertaste.”

As such, you can freely consume anything from pizza to stir frys or even vegetable soup with Asahi. It mightn’t work so well with rich desserts (call in a Stout for that mud cake) but to keep your sushi on theme, Asahi works well. Hot tip: the Japanese tend to pair sushi with beers rather than sake, which is of course brewed using solely rice.

Works well with:

Hahn Super Dry

Beer and food pairings.

Any connoisseur of gastronomy will tell you palate cleansing is an important part of maximising your food’s flavours, essentially rinsing your tongue and grooming it (yes, we said tongue grooming) for the for the next delicious bite. Pickles, bread and citrus-y things are typical palate cleansers… and so too is beer, if you pick the right one.

The key is in carbonation. A beer like Hahn Super Dry contains more bubbles which are not only refreshing, but help to cut through richer, denser flavours with handsome sodium levels.

Works well with: creamy pastas, hard cheeses and mild Indian curries.

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