Ain’t No Party Like a Solo Party!

Social distancing, isolation, quarantine, there’s plenty of ways to say it, but the main idea? STAY HOME! If we’re going to ‘flatten the curve’ here in Australia, we all need to do our bit to slow the spread of this damned virus. And this means staying home, and sticking with just the people you live with – family or housemates! Yep – no friends over if they’re not part of your pod! But distancing/isolation doesn’t have to mean the end of socialising! Here’s our top ideas for having a cool fun time while staying at home with your pod – even if it’s just a pod of one!

Digital Knock Offs

Working from home has its perks! You can stay in your trackies, even if you’re in video conferences all day, and no one but you knows if you’ve showered! And don’t get me started on the commute – bed to desk? No peak hour! But Friday arvo rolls around, and you’re feeling a little lonely? It’s time for Digital Knock Offs! Knock Offs are an Aussie tradition, and we can’t let Covid-19 take that from us. Get everyone on the team to order some Jimmy Brings and sign off for the week in style! It helps a feeling of normality, and will do wonders for team morale! (And guess what? Even the Jimmy Brings team are doing this for the foreseeable future!)

Online Date Night

Missing that special someone? Craving affection? Having some luck swiping through the dating apps? You go, Glenn Coco! You can’t go OUT on dates, because all the restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, theme parks and galleries are closed (Depressing much?) BUT- that doesn’t mean romance is over! Why not try a first date on Google Hangouts or Zoom? It’s a great way to get to know someone, and you’ll be raring to see each other when this all blows over. Want to kick it up a level? Order the same drink from Jimmy Brings so the experience feels even more authentic!

Send a Gift

If you’re missing your mates and want to let them know you’re thinking of them, you can always send them a boozy gift! A couple of bottles of wine, a cocktail, a slab of beers – we’ve got the lot. Then you guys can all have a happy hour together! It’s so important to feel connected at this time, and sending a gift is a great way to reach out. You could even try the app HouseParty to play games like Heads Up, Trivia and Quick Draw!

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