What wines pair best with the hottest shows streaming online right now?

There’s nothing quite like cozying up on the couch with a glass of wine and watching your favourite show. And if you can’t stop watching to go out and get more wine, never fear! Jimmy is here! We deliver wine to your door in 30 minutes, so you could be opening a new bottle before the next episode even starts.

Glow Season 3 (Netflix) – Sparkling 

The ladies of GLOW are back for season 3, and this time they’re in Vegas. The costumes are even glitzier, the hair is even bigger, and the wrestling moves are as impressive as ever! We love this show because it’s as funny as it is heartfelt, and we think that’s worth celebrating! So, pop a bottle of sparkling for a fabulous night in.

Mindhunter Season 2 (Netflix) – Shiraz

If serial killers are your thing, then you’re probably totally psyched that Mindhunter Season 2 has dropped recently. Exploring the origin of criminal profiling, this is a pretty freaky, chilling show, so you’ll need a wine that’s gutsy enough to stand up to the intensity. We recommend a Shiraz and a blanket so you can hide away when the gruesome bits start.

The Boys (Amazon Prime) – Malbec

We’re loving The Boys – it’s fast paced, action packed and pretty gory! It’s got a lot of dry humour and has been adapted from a well loved comic book, but this isn’t your typical Marvel or DC superhero blockbuster. That’s why we reckon you need something that isn’t your typical red wine. Enter the lip smacking Argentinian Malbec. This isn’t a red wine or a show for the faint hearted!

Fleabag (Amazon Prime) – Pinot Noir

Fleabag has got everyone screaming with laughter of recognition – and not always in a good way! Some of the situations that the main character finds herself in are so painfully, hilariously relatable, you’re going to need a decent glass of red that’s easy to drink. So grab a bottle of Pinot Noir and settle in, because you won’t be able to stop watching this once you get started.

The Loudest Voice (Stan) – Chardonnay

If you’re in the mood for something fast paced that sheds light on how the media shapes politics, this show will have you on the edge of your seat. Russell Crowe is giving the performance of a lifetime, and we’d recommend a full bodied white wine to go with his full bodied look! 

City on a Hill (Stan) – Pinot Grigio

Sex, drugs, crime – all the makings of a crazy intense show you will not be able to stop watching. Set in Boston in the early ‘90s and starring Kevin Bacon, this whole show feels like an amazing throwback to a time you didn’t know you missed. So, we recommend throwing back a few Pinot Grigios while you devour this tense, dark legal drama.

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