What’s not to love about a dinner party? Good company, yummy home cooked food, and no need for a reservation! Plus – you can stay as late as you want without having to worry about the next table or the restaurant closing for the night. And if the booze runs out and the fridge is bare, there’s always Jimmy Brings to get some wine, beer and spirits delivered right to your door in 30 minutes. We’ve put together a list of the different types of dinner guests you can expect and what kind of booze you should have on hand when they’re around.

The Helper

Every host should feel blessed to have a Helper as a guest at their dinner party. They’re the person who offered to bring a dessert and *actually* did it. They’re the one who helps clear the table without being asked. They’re the one who will send you a thank you message tomorrow telling you what a nice time they had. The Helper puts in the effort, so show your appreciation by asking them what they’re in the mood to drink tonight and delight them by having it delivered by Jimmy Brings.

The Devil’s Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate is not always the most popular guest at a dinner party… but they certainly add a lot of flavour to the mix! They’re the one who is always challenging opinions, pushing the limits and generally being controversial. Don’t get them started on the housing market, the election or vaccinations, because you probably won’t be able to stop them! Best thing to do is order a nice bottle of whiskey, like Glenlivet Single Malt. That oughta shut them up!

The Professor

It’s usually great having The Professor at your dinner party – they’re not as annoying as The Devil’s Advocate, but they can be relied upon to know weird facts as well as the current affairs and politics of the day. You’ll definitely sound more well read when you can repeat some of the obscure knowledge they shared with you the night before. They usually love red wines, so why not organise something a little more obscure for them, like a Macho Gaucho Malbec from Argentina. They’re sure to tell you all about the cultural significance that the wine industry has on the economic capability of Latin American countries…

The Architect of Fun

The Architect of Fun is the first person to suggest Cards Against Humanity or a game of celebrity heads. They’re very entertaining, but they can’t sit still for long after the meal is over without getting a little antsy! This friend is great to have around if you’re feeling full of energy, but if it’s a quiet night you’re after, make sure you have some more wholesome suggestions for after dinner activities! But in all likelihood, this person is going to suggest playing beer pong… The best thing to do is order a slab of a decent, affordable beer and just roll with it! Let Jimmy Brings deliver a slab of VB to your door in 30 minutes and let the games begin!

The Whirlwind

The whirlwind is the friend who always turns up late and has a crazy story to regale you with to explain why. They’ll never see it as making an excuse, but they’ll ask for a glass of wine before interrupting whatever conversation the punctual guests had been enjoying! True to form, they didn’t have time to swing past a bottle shop! With the whirlwind it’s great to have a nice cheap wine on hand because they usually don’t bring something to share with the group. Or, better yet, give them your Jimmy Brings referral code, found on our app in the menu under ‘Give $10, get $10’ and then gently suggest that it’s fine that they didn’t have time to go to the bottle shop on their way, cos Jimmy Brings can help out!

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