Bottles and glasses? Who’s got time for that!

We love to challenge the norm here at JB, so when we met with South Australian Riot Wine Co winemaker Tom O’Donnell we asked him why he was putting his wine in cans, and what this new emergence in canned wine was all about.

Why is Riot wine in a can?
So it tastes as fresh as it did when I blended the wine in the winery. Wine in a can is perfect for any occasion anywhere, by the beach, on a boat, camping or when you just want one glass of wine at night midweek and don’t want to have to commit to opening a bottle. These are many of the convenience factors, but simply its about quality. We make quality wine, seal the freshness in the can which really slows the ageing of the wines so you should always taste it just as we intended!

What makes wine in a Can better?
The taste! We do all of the hard work in the winery, and only can our wines when they are ready to be enjoyed. This means every time you open a can it’s ready to drink (you never have to think I wish I cellared that wine for a few more months or years). As mentioned the can really seals in the freshness, and also prevents oxygen or light spoiling the wine, so we are adding only about 1/3rd of the normal amount of sulphur that’s in traditional bottled wines. You get the same awesome wine, without all the nasty additives. Wine in a can is also super sustainable, no more labels, corks, capsules and inefficient packaging. Our aluminium cans are 100% recyclable and very efficient packaging.

Where in Australia does Riot! come from?
All of our wines come from South Australia. McLaren Vale is our spiritual home as it’s where I grew up and where a large number of our grapes come from, but we source from all over Australia to pick the best parcels of fruit that suit the season.

Are your wines sugar-free?
We ferment all of the sugar into alcohol and leave little to no sugar behind. We also never add any concentrates which are very common in winemaking. Every glass has less than 0.5g/L of sugar which is next to nothing!

What makes your products sustainable?
There is a lot of wastage in wine. From corks/capsules/labels/boxes and dividers to inefficient freight. Our cans are 100% recyclable forever, and 100% full. They are lighter than glass bottles and you never have to throw out a bottle that has spoiled from being open too long! We also source as locally to the winery as possible, which is why all of our wines are South Australian.

Want a taste test? With every bottle of wine purchased over the Easter long weekend, you’ll receive a FREE 250ml can of Riot wine to taste for yourself.

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