The days are getting longer as well as warmer, and it’s the perfect time of year to try out some of our favourite wines. As we approach the Summer and the silly season, we thought what better way to celebrate than with some undeniably delicious wine cocktails!

Mists & Shadows Chardonnay makes a yummy base for a white Sangria

White Sangria

The great thing about Sangria is you can kind of make it out of whatever ingredients you have at home! Just grab a bottle of Mists & Shadows Chardonnay and add chopped fruit, some liqueur and something fizzy. One of our favourite combos that pairs perfectly with this summery wine is passionfruit pulp, chopped apple, apricot brandy (if you have any!) and a splash of soda water or passionfruit soda for a little bit of fizz! Serve in a big jug and pour into glasses full of ice.

Sparkle up your Spritz with Flora & Fern Prosecco.

Get Spritzy

Over the last few years, the Spritz has become a ubiquitous summertime cocktail! You will have seen the Aperol Spritz, no doubt, but you can make a spritz with any number of ingredients! A spritz is just a mix of soda water, Prosecco and any additional liqueur, spirit or cordial, so you can really get creative! Try with Campari for a more bitter, mature flavour, or elderflower cordial for a less boozy afternoon cocktail! Make sure to fill a wine glass with ice, garnish with a slice of citrus and top your Spritz ingredient with soda water and Flora & Fern Prosecco. Flora & Fern is fruity yet dry and is a delightful addition to your summer sparkling rotation!

Kiwi Hawk Sauvignon Blanc has yummy tropical notes making it perfect for Summer cocktails.

Watermelon Wine Slushie

Nothing will cool you down on a hot day like a slushie! And if that slushie can also be a yummy wine cocktail, then you’re absolutely winning. Pour a bottle of our Kiwi Hawk Sauvignon Blanc into a freezer safe container (Don’t do it in the bottle! It could crack!) Once it’s frozen, blend it up with some extra ice and frozen watermelon. Pour into a big wine glass and garnish with some fresh mint if you’re feeling fancy! The watermelon pairs so well with the tropical vibes of this typically tropical flavoured Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Nothing could be more Summery!

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